Okay, so the last ten bags of firewood purchased from PnP were wet. Not just damp, I mean monsoon, waterlogged, swamp stuff. You could use the stuff to fireproof a boiler-room. There I was, a-huffin and a-puffin, trying to blow that fire to life. Nearly blew myself to death in the process.

So, plan B. Purchased a bag of Anthacite, at, you guessed it, PnP. Stuck a chunk on the gas stove, I’d heard before this stuff is tough to light. Got it glowing, removed it from the gas flame. Out it went. Hmmm. Time to Google. Dude on the net raving about it – when the indoor temp drops below 0F (that’s minus 18, for those of us on the 18th meridian, 30 degrees south) – and he can’t keep on burning the solid furniture – that’s when he turns to anthracite, dug fresh out of the snow outside.

So I pile up some of the black gold in the hearth, pile on dry hard-wood, add firelighters.  Finally coax the wood to burn. Spend two hours figuring out WordPress – what the hell is this thing about some widgets only working on optional frontpages – why can’t they just work on all pages, if I so ordain it ?

Wood burns down, anthracite keeps glowing steadiy. Sort of cosy glow. Is it going out? Give it a couple of breaths, chest compressions. We may, for the time being, be onto something here.


Snow Hike, Franschhoek

Out there, just the two of us, alone in our togetherness. Last night’s virgin snow all around – pristine and crisp. Every step, every breath, brings us closer to the summit. A summit we will not reach, don’t even know where it is, have never been there. Little by little we gain ground, feet dragging through thick snow. The wind is lashing us from below, ice particles stinging exposed faces. Eventually, white-out. The ground is the sky, the sky likewise, the ground. Turning back, rapid descent, following our own footprints. 

Another day perhaps, when the sun is shining.


Chapman’s Peak Sunset, Noordhoek

It’s was supposed to be the 7th day of spring, yet a chilly, damp, rather half-hearted attempt at the first South-Easter of the summer had been blowing all day. Our plans to climb said peak were thus thwarted, and I was forced to satisfy myself with this timelapse instead. The sunsets in Noordhoek are just one of the things that make this place such a little corner of heaven ! Particularly in summer, we often look out for the legendary green flash, and believe me we see our fair share. The one that accompanied this particular sunset was especially drawn out, although sadly seems to have been lost in translation.